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Dr. Mark, Carol and Marlin D'Amato


Marlin’s Market is the result of a partnership and shared passion for animals between a chiropractic physician (1983), certified to treat animals by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and a dietitian with a bachelors degree in clinical nutrition.

“In my animal practice, I consistently see dogs (and cats) with musculoskeletal problems that are overweight and undernourished. These animals are owned by people who love them deeply and will feed them the best they can afford. Unfortunately, knowing which food is best can be difficult for many owners to discern. The choice of brightly colored bags at even the “good dog food stores” claiming they are the best is confusing to say the least. To make matters worse, many pet food companies are intentionally deceiving buyers about their listed ingredients and percentages. In other words, Many “Dog Cereal” companies (as we call them) are fooling you on purpose. It isn’t right! It isn’t fair to pet parents or our beloved fur companions and it is resulting in frequent preventable animal illnesses and in many cases even— early deaths.

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So We Traced Our Pets and Their Natural Diets Back To Their Roots .

We learned that All Dogs are 98% Wolf and that They Eat Raw Meat and Very Little Carbohydrate.

all dogs are genetically 98% wolf

It Turns Out - Raw is Right!

ALL Dogs are 98% Wolf


Once we found this fact we began to study a famous wolf expert named L. David Mech. We learned that dogs that eat like their ancestors, tend to live longer, healthier, more disease free lives. We found that top breeders all across Europe are feeding their gorgeous specimens whole prey raw food.

Not just any raw food but “Whole Prey” raw food because there are nutritional benefits to be gained by each different organ, muscle, gland and bone. The animals eating this way have bright white teeth, healthy gums, beautiful coats, strong powerful muscles, little if any excess fat and in addition tend to be more alert and LESS AGGRESSIVE (because many hyper activities are due to the sugar rush of starchy carbohydrate foods) . We found their total carbohydrate consumption to be less than 12%. We realized that our poor domesticated animals are being “over carbohydrate-ed” into tooth and gum disease, (the vast majority of kibble fed pets show signs of periodontal disease by their 1st birthday) diabetes, pancreatitis and a host of other avoidable illnesses

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Complimentary Care

We use natural forms of healthcare to help you to help your pet live as long and as disease free a life as possible. 

Increasingly,  pet owners are realizing the benefits of biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) diets and natural forms of musculo-skeletal care. More and more pet parents are seeking natural, pro-active approaches to building and maintaining Super Health and Super Fitness in their companions. We help by offering education and healthy natural holistic foods and supplements that detoxify their bodies and rebuild their gut biomes enabling them to absorb and metabolize nutrients far more effectively. We also offer natural forms of care for their muscles, nerves bones and joints such as animal chiropractic, massage, light therapy (laser) and stretch and exercise programs and work closely with a certified dog trainer to modify movements that cause and or perpetuate physical body problems like back and knee injuries.

The result is an animal who's body functions optimally, naturally. Fat dogs and cats get fitter and leaner and more active. Thin animals muscle up, skin conditions (often caused by food allergies and environmental toxins) clear up, Paw chewing (often caused by a pinched nerve in the neck) stops. Teeth and gums improve, eyes get brighter and smiles (of course we see them smile too) get more frequent.

We hasten to say that we are NOT  - instead of your primary care physician (the veterinarian) which is why we aren't labeled "Alternative Care" but instead "compliment"  veterinary care by helping you help your pet stay ahead of disease or recover using natural non-invasive, non-prescription, non-surgical methods.

Happy and Healthy

This is the place to learn about the newest exercise and training methods and the gear to do it in. Stop in and check out our "FitBarks". They are  activity monitors designed for dogs that calculate miles traveled, caloric expenditure, sleep quality and lots more.

Meet Marlin


My name is Marlin. I'm a Vizsla. It's my job to make sure everything around here works as well as it should and  tastes as good as it is nutritious for us to eat.

Services Currently Offered

Raw Pet Food Store - Marlin's Raw Superfood for Pets

First, we are a Whole Prey Raw Pet Food Store. We carry a fantastic array of safe, species appropriate, raw foods and healthy treats. We have literally tons and tons of different proteins in stock and always available. Beef, Bison, Chicken, Duck, Fish (Pollack and Sardines), Goat, Pheasant, Pork, Rabbit, Turkey, Lamb, and Tripe and Emu  to name a few. We sell many of the most common well respected raw food name brands like Steve's, Answer's, Primal and Rad Cat all at prices that can't be beat. But the best quality for the best price is usually has our name on it! We've chosen to Private Label the best of the best. So when you come in look for the Marlin's Brand. 

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Dietary and Nutritional Counseling

Carol D'Amato, one of the co-owners, and a  dietitian who has specialized in canine and feline diets and can be consulted for special dietary and nutritional needs such as detoxification programs, leaky-gut/food allergy diets, and feline and canine cancer diets as well as Optimal Health diets,  She will work cooperatively with your veterinarian to help you maximize the benefits of good nutrition. Veterinarians  frequently send food allergy testing lab results with their referrals, enabling Carol to build an allergy free nutritional program. The results of her Show Dog,  Performance Dog and Optimum Health Diets are visible on the street, in the show ring and in the field, 

Carol provides this service without charge with the purchase of our foods or supplements.

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Animal Chiropractic

Many animals suffer with muscle, nerve, and joint pains that respond fantastically to gentle joint mobilization and realignment. Dr. Mark D'Amato is the Chiropractic Physician and co-owner who (back in 1998) specialized in animal chiropractic. He will work cooperatively with your veterinarian to help your animal move more freely, reducing pain and restoring your animal's ability to exercise.

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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is tremendously effective in the drugless non-invasive treatment of arthritic pain and in accelerating the recovery and rehabilitation of  many neuro-musculo-skelatal injuries.  Dr. D'Amato has special training and certification to treat companion animals (and horses) with laser therapy.  Some veterinarians also have deep tissue laser therapy machines and qualified personnel to deliver it. If they don't and you'd like your animal to receive this incredibly beneficial type of care we ask that you  seek cooperation with your primary care physician - your veterinarian. If they choose not to cooperate and you feel strongly that you'd like to offer this care to your pet, we can suggest numerous local veterinarians who are happy to work cooperatively with Dr.  D'Amato in the best interest of your pet.

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Dog Training and Behavior Modification

We are happy to announce the addition of a professional dog trainer to our team.

From Marlin's Puppy Classes that teach you and your puppy how to speak in the same language and provide a great start on the most basic commands to Service Dogs providing specialized skills. Nick will make your pet a Trustworthy addition to your family and home. He offers Progressive Levels and Certifications of Accomplishment that will make you proud of your dog's behavior and maximize where you can go and what you can do with your dog, enabling you to you enjoy your relationship with your companion to the fullest.

With an AKC Good Citizen Certification,  you and your dog will be better prepared to approach apartment and condo and deed restricted comunities. With Marlin's K-9 Prep School Certification, your dog won't jump up on people, will wait politely for you cross thresh holds before him and more reliably come when they are called and stay where you put him despite distractions. They'll walk at your heel without a leash and sit when you stop. 

In addition, he can teach a dog to understand and willingly comply with special service(s)  that you need him to perform. From retrieving the newspaper to personal protection, Nicholas can teach your dog what you want to him to do.

Click the Find Out More Button to see a list of the different training programs or take advantage of his FREE  CONSULTATION OR HIS FREE PUPPY PERSONALITY EVALUATION, that you can use to understand how your to train your specific puppy the easiest and the fastest way.

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Exercise and Activity Gear

We carefully evaluate cool super-functional dog sports equipment to naturally increase exercise and fitness and "The Dog Gets To Come" - FUN!

Hking? Biking? Swimming? You Bet! 

We'll suggest or carry products that work. FitBark activity monitors that track calories burned, miles traveled, sleep quality and more  (like FitBits but for dogs.are on sale now! Come in a check them out

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Drug-Free, Surgery-Free, Noninvasive

Therapy using light to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and speed healing.

Laser Therapy uses a beam of light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it.

Laser energy induces a biological response in the cells called "photo-bio-modulation" which enhances a body's ability to heal itself.

The laser light is delivered through a non-invasive handpiece to treat the affected area. 

Your animal may feel a gentle and soothing warmth.

Only provided in this office by Dr. D'Amato, who not only holds certification in the use of this therapy for humans but also for equine and companion animals too. Additionally, many veterinarians also offer this form of therapy so ask your veterinarian first. If they don't offer it, and are willing to cooperate with Dr. D'Amato, you can receive it here in our office.

It has been tremendously effective in the treatment of arthritis, hip dysplasia pain, conservative (non-surgical) knee (stifle) recovery and many back and neck conditions.

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To learn more about how it works and what conditions might benefit by laser therapy treatment go to www.companiontherapy.com

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Our Fresh Frozen Raw Whole Prey Pet Food is Superfood!

Our Foods Are Better

Each part of prey animal is made of different nutrients. Far more than muscle meat alone, we combine ground bone, organs and muscle in exacting proportions enabling your animal to take in nutrients in the natural way that their bodies were designed to ingest them. We strive for our choices to be preservative free, hormone free, antibiotic free, grass fed, grass finished, and free range. In fact, Marlin's brand and most of the other brands we offer are human grade consumable and purchased at the same wholesaler  as your grocer and restaurateur.  

Worry Free for You Because Our Foods Are Safe for Your Pet

 With flash freezing at subzero temperatures, we protect the natural live enzymes found in fresh food that are so essential to your animal's intestinal flora while eliminating any possibility of parasites. Furthermore, in order for us to even consider a product it must be  U.S sourced and USDA inspected. After all, it's what we feed our animals too!  

Imagine feeding your Children Breakfast Cereal Twice a Day for Their Whole Life

From the very beginning, high carbohydrate dog cereal (called kibble) is a problem for your dog. The fact is that over 80% of kibble fed dogs show signs of periodontal disease by the end of their first year of life. Dogs don't even have the salivary enzyme needed to digest carbohydrates so it cakes up between their teeth, begins to putrefy, causing the gums to swell and periodontal disease to follow.  Kibble is the equivalent of fast food for your pet. It's  convenient for you and cheap to produce but it isn't even close to as good for your dog or cat as our fresh frozen raw food.

We Do The Shopping For You

With backgrounds in microbiology, organic chemistry and dietary science, we go shopping for the finest producers of fresh frozen raw whole prey pet foods. We aren't easily fooled with academic snow jobs, or tricky marketing terms. We ask the producers tough  questions about their foods that they frequently have to go look up and we often require independent lab results for verification of their claims. This allows you (and often times your veterinarian too)  to feel more confident about the products we feel proud to offer to you to feed your fur children.

Bone Broths and Fermented Stocks

OFFERING MUCH MORE THAN JUST MEAT Current literature is revealing that the flora in our intestines is responsible for as much as 80% of our immunity. Dogs and cats maybe even more than that

We offer Raw Goat's Milk,  Beef Bone Broth, Fermented Turkey and Fish Stocks and other such products that are loaded with with pre- and pro-biotics that we use to help rebuild the strength of the gut biome. Antibiotic therapy (we recognize as sometimes necessary) indiscriminately wipes out the good bacteria as well as the pathological ones. So rebuilding the proper gut flora is an essential part of your animal's immunity and of critical importance in their overall health.

More About Our Superfoods

Raw Meaty Bones and Healthy Protein Treats

 We offer a Fantastic Assortment of Raw Meaty Bones (RMBs) that not only satisfy the need to chew (enhancing digestion and promoting periodontal health) but are so meaty that they serve as an excellent periodic meal replacement. 

Beef Knuckle Bones,  Beef Marrow Bones,  Lamb (4 inch) Trotter Bones, Duck Necks, Turkey Necks, Chicken Necks and more. Come in to see our current assortment as we always offer the finest values in the marketplace.

As for Treats, they are one of the biggest problems for dogs because in addition to frequently containing bad things they are mostly carbohydrate. They are like you snacking on donuts and cookies and candy as opposed to fruit and nuts.

Now these may not appetizing to you but to your dog they not only smell and taste delicious but are healthy for them. 

We offer freeze dried, tripe, lamb lung, beef lung, chicken feet, duck feet, pigs snouts, pigs ears, turkey necks, chicken necks, bully sticks and more. Come in to see our current selections and we usually have one on special too.

Marlin's Endurance Blend and Our Other Meats

This is Our #1 Top Seller because it's an incredibly great quality (grass fed, grass finished)  with green tripe and vitamins and minerals added for an unbeatable price.

It's harder than you'd think to create a blend of healthy food that is delicious but DOG'S LOVE MARLIN'S ENDURANCE BLEND!

Some of our mixes come with the vitamins added derived from vegetables but some dogs are allergic to those vegetables to we offer synthetic blend vitamins to some mixes to avoid vegetable allergies.  These are preferred by some of our Scent Working Dogs since the allergies clog their noses and decrease their ability to follow a scent. 

We also carry Bison, Chicken, Duck, Emu, Goat, Lamb, Pheasant, Pollack, Pork, Rabbit, Sardine, Turkey, and Venison with Quail coming (if it passes all our testing.)

Why So Many Meats and Blends

We offer all these different proteins for a number of reasons, not the least of which is TASTE. Yes, we understand, your dog and cat have Taste Buds that are unique to them. While one animal might LOATHE pork, it might just be heaven to another, so we help you find tastes that your pet LOVES.  Veterinarians send lab tests (with their referral) of foods that the animal we're helping is allergic to. It is then our lead dietitian's job to build a food that is not only complete and balanced but delicious to your pet. Furthermore, we do everything we can to make your animal's carnivorous lifestyle approximate nature so we suggest rotating proteins seasonally. This prevents your animal from developing an allergy to a meat overfed,  alters the micro-nutrient makeup (thus fulfilling a wider compliment of vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients), keeps your pet excited about "today's catch"  and is more natural as they wouldn't only feed on one prey exclusively. As seasons change, so does the availability of prey, maybe rabbits in the spring (when they are plentiful), turkey in the fall and a higher fatted prey in winter - Naturally!

Organ Meats

In some cultures the attributes of a great animal could be possessed if the warrior were to consume the organ of that animal. Fables recounting The "Heart of a Lion"  and the  "Eyes of an  Eagle" seem too primal to us today but are rooted in the fact that many times the organ meats contain many of the unique building block nutrients needed to supplement a particular animal's organ needs.  We carry certain organ meats for their special nutritive values, for example the trachea of cows is about the finest, most natural way to supplement especially older animals with Glucosamine Sulfate (a frequently used supplement for arthritis) because the trachea is loaded with it!  Stop in and see what organ meats we have available this month.

Vitamins and Supplements and Natural Remedies Oh My . . .

Natural remedies for Fleas ans Ticks.

Natural Skin Soothing Products that aren't toxic and won't poison your pet and natural products that help them avoid or improve their teeth and gums are just some of the products that we hand pick and offer at Marlin's Market.

By law, some of our supplements are behind the counter and must be recommended to be obtained but we carry many vitamins designed for dogs and cats designed to assist, nutritionally aid  and optimize the function of different organs, glands and systems.  For example - reproductive system supplements - for breeders to increase litter numbers and kitten and pup survival rates,  Makes Marlin's Market the Go To Place for Natural Optimum Health. Come in and see what we have to offer.

Specials Each Month

Each month we offer seasonal specials that we hope will enable you to embrace the natural lifestyle for your pet. 

In order to get the specials, just sign up on our email list and if your valid email is on the list when you come in - you can get the deal!

New To Fresh Raw Pet Food Feeding? Start Here

Raw Food Pet Feeding Basics


An Important Read – At Least Once)
If your dog (and/or you) are new to raw food feeding let us first congratulate you on this massive improvement you are making in your dog’s life. Second, allow us to sincerely thank you for trusting us. We are honored by your trust and will do everything in our power to make this one of the greatest thing’s to happen to your dog. (Probably only second to being chosen by you to be your dog). If your dog is like most that get this feeding upgrade, they will feel and you will see wonderful improvements within 30 days.

This is a guide to help you and your dog (or cat) enjoy the transition.

  •  First, your dog is a unique one of a kind, never before, and never again model.
  •  Second, He or she didn’t come with an owner’s manual and so what might be the right way for your dog might be totally wrong for another dog.
  • We are going to make some general suggestions, help you choose which way to proceed, be there to support you with knowledge and experience when you need it, and stay out of the way when you want to steer a unique course. We know that no one knows your dog like you. You know better, their moods, quirks, and even their facial expressions (of course they really have them). Maybe with a little help from us, you by intuition will lead your dog to better nutrition.

Now the first point we need to get out of the way is “Habituation.” Sometimes, people will say, “I tried it but he didn’t like it – took one sniff and walked away, guess he just doesn’t like it. Oh well.” Now if your human baby didn’t want to eat anything but candy would you say the same thing? Of course not!

  • Good nutritious food is much better for them than junk food, but if they’d been taught to eat Sugar Frosted Flakes for years they might not recognize good nutrition if it stared them in the face. And this is where you’re special knowledge of your dog comes into play.
  • Like the Dad who plays airplane with the baby in the highchair or Mom who Pops her eyes open to get the baby laughing you might need to associate this new food with love or happiness or fun. Make this a good experience for them.
  • REMEMBER OUR GOAL HERE. The nutritional value of our raw food is so superior that it IS worth your effort. (To prevent or heal your dogs health problems, make them suffer less, live longer, be fitter and happier, not to mention, diminish your vet bills and waste cleanup). So let’s get to it.


  • The sicker your dog, the slower you transition.
  • The older your dog, (more habituated) the slower you transition.
  • The more sensitive your dog’s GI tract, the slower you transition.
  • Bowel movements tell us a lot.
  • Some diarrhea or constipation is common initially. Pumpkin is a natural balancer.
  • Having to push a little is OK (say goodbye to many of those anal gland squeezing vet visits).
  • Some kind of mucous coating or discharge with the poop is OK at first. (Like a bottle brush, raw food scrapes clean the inside of the intestinal wall thereby allowing the future coming nutrients to be absorbed. )
  • *Bloody diarrhea is NOT ok.
  • Don’t panic, but closer observation is necessary.
  • It’s probably not really from your dog but instead pass through of undigested unabsorbed raw food. If it is from your dog is it red? The nearer the rectum the brighter color red it’ll be.
  • It could be a hemorrhoid from the new pushing. No problem, it’ll pass. They might have scratched their intestine with a small piece of bone which will probably be ok. BUT, common sense needs to be used here.
  • If your dog has repeated bouts of diarrhea and it looks like it has blood in it – take them too your vet. This is very very rare, not to be expected, nor is it an acceptable reaction.
  • We recommend a 3 meal per step transition.
  • Start with 1/4 raw and 3/4 of your current dog cereal.
  • If things are going well, progress to 3 meals of 50% raw and 50% kibble and then to
  • 3 meals of 75% raw food 25% kibble.
  • Finally (ta-da) they eat raw.
  • Remember, you can transition faster or slower.

Want to Try Making Your Own Raw Food?

When we first contemplated how we were going to feed our dog Marlin, we planned to make it ourselves.

We bought and read Dr. Karen Becker's Book called 

"Dr. Karen Becker's Real Food For Healthy Dogs and Cats: Simple Home Made Food"

By Beth Taylor, & Karen Shaw Becker.

It starts out being simple enough but then as the book progresses and she goes into making the food balanced and complete, it, in our opinion, gets too complicated. Not that we couldn't do it but making a high quality raw food that is balanced and complete like Marlin's Endurance Blend for example is at the very least super time consuming. 

We do encourage you to read her book and go for it if you have the time and like to do this kind of work but must tell you that we have had homemade raw dog food feeders present to our store with dogs that started having seizures which turned out to be due to a missing nutrient. With a complete and balanced diet the seizures stopped and never had another episode. 

Some people attempt to just buy their dog raw meat (like 40# boxes of chicken wings from discount grocery stores) and add some vegetables. They tell us how their dogs are fine. We feel that it might work but are concerned about the lack of assurance of that "complete and balanced" bit. To aid in this, we offer a number of different vitamin pack additives. Some are natural and obtained from vegetables (some dogs are allergic to certain vegetables) and some are synthetic (which are less expensive but not as well absorbed). In our final analysis, considering the time and effort (difficulty and trouble obtaining all the ingredients) it isn't much if any cheaper to buy a high quality fresh frozen pre-made food like that offered here at Marlin's Raw Superfoods. Whichever you choose, we are happy to support you in any way that we can. Because we know that you truly love your animal and understand the value that a species appropriate raw food diet will have on the overall health of your dog and cat. 


Dr. Mark,  Carol, Erin and the rest of us at Marlin's Market.

Raw Food Feeding Basics Continued

New To Raw Food Feeding? Continued

Additional Information


  Cooking our raw food is a NO NO! Whole prey raw food typically has bone in it and cooking the bone makes it turn from edible and digestible to sharp, brittle and dangerous. Heating the food is risky for the same reason. BUT, a good bit has been written about

  • “Prey Warm”. As it would be sometimes in nature.
  • I put the tea kettle on the stove when I prepare dinner for my dog. His food will be thawed but usually still cool to cold. Just before I feed him I often pour just a tiny bit of hot (not boiling) water on his meal and stir it in just enough to take the chill off.
  • I put Marlin’s food on a pie plate or a bamboo paper plate. And spread it out a little. This way if there is something he wants (by smell or taste) to avoid, he eats around it instead of rejecting the whole bowl because he can’t distinguish one part from the rest.
  • I give Marlin about 30 minutes to eat. Sometimes he wolfs it down in 30 seconds and sometimes he starts and stops.
  • If your dog is hungry. . . they’ll eat when given the opportunity. But remember, they are discerning enough to hold off for YOUR meal, so if you want your fur baby to “eat their vegetables” you can’t give them their dessert until they do.
  • Predators in the wild don’t catch their prey twice a day every day – sometimes they miss a meal, it’s very OK, it’s natural and even healthy.
  • FASTING. In the wild, predators (your ancestral dog) typically fast a day a week, eating nothing or very little. This is GOOD for predators in that it gives the gastrointestinal tract a chance to rest, cleanse and repair. So if your dog or cat doesn’t eat for a day or two (by their choice) it’s ok. Examine their food, does it smell . . . different than normal (yes, believe it or not you’ll get used to the smell and recognize when it’s off), If that’s the case, by all means throw it out and make their next meal a fresh one.
  • We will pick up what’s left after 30 minutes (90% of the time it’s an empty bowl) and Saran Wrap it and fridge it for the first offering of next meal. If they reject it a second time, then we put down new fresh the next meal and discard the rejected leftover (it might be prominently kidney and your particular pet child might just LOATHE kidney – pronounced lima beans in my own case).
  • Remember to pick up the food bowl AND THE WATER BOWL and get them in the wash with hot soapy water. It isn’t diseased or dangerous, but like raw hamburger, common sense handling is expected of you.
  • Take tomorrow’s out of the freezer when you clean their dishes. If you need to and put it in the fridge for a 24 thaw or on the counter for a 8-10 hour thaw.
  • In the refrigerator. We recommend that you keep it on a bottom shelf (that way if any were to drip, the drop wouldn’t land on your food.) Furthermore, we keep it in a sterilite container. A pitcher works great for chubs because you can stand the plastic bag up so it doesn’t leak. Thawed but kept in the fridge your dog food will typically last 3-4 days but will depend on;
  • 1. How cold you keep your fridge (40* max.)
  • 2. W2. Where you keep it in the fridge (if you put it in the back on the bottom on the freezer side of a side by side.
  • 3. How many times a day do you (or your kids) open the fridge door and how long do you leave it open.
  • Leftovers, especially if you made it prey warm. One meal.

With all that being said. You can trust your senses a little. Senses of sight, smell and of course your common too. (common sense). It should be said that raw feeding is not for everyone. If your choices are made for the sake only of convenience than a bag of dog cereal is easier. Try to remember that freshness of dog cereal is only promised when you first open the bag – the fact is that the oils (omega 3,6 etc. once the bag is opened go rancid within a few days). As your pet returns to his roots you will begin to see a truly beautiful thing happen. Their teeth, gums, eyes, ears, coat, muscle/fat ratio and host of other things improve. You will know that this is the right thing and probably wonder how the clever marketing people ever convinced the public that feeding meat to A CARNIVORE was wrong, or dangerous but feeding A CARNIVORE “dog cereal” was right. If you can do this, your dog will very probably live a healthier happier longer life and you will probably, like us become a raw food enthusiast. Carol and I will help you and your pet through the transition. If you need help you can call Marlin’s Market. Our staff is convinced of the “Rightness of Raw” and will do their best to help you succeed in your quest for a healthier happier pet. Sincerely, Dr. Mark and Carol D’Amato

It's Worth It - You'll See A Difference in 30 Days

We have research showing puppy litters divided into groups. 1/2 were fed a fair quality kibble and the other 1/2 were given a raw food diet and when they were tested, the RAW FOOD FOOD FED PUPS TESTED TWICE AS INTELLEGENT  as their kibble fed litter mates. The breeder did the same thing with another litter and got the same results!

Turns out that the Whole Prey Raw contained among other body parts - brain which had components in it which were able to  cross the BBB (blood brain barrier) and improve development of the pups brains' .

More About Our Dietitian

Carol Marie D'Amato

Carol has been passionate about nutrition since she was a little girl.  Born and raised in Miami Florida.  Carol chose to study Dietary Science at Michigan State University where she earned her baccalaureate degree in  clinical nutrition. She practiced with her husband, Dr Mark D'Amato until they had and raised two boys into men. 

As she examined the nutritional requirements for their newest puppy, Marlin, Carol was overwhelmed by the challenges a pet parent was faced with when attempting to choose a high quality diet for dogs and cats. She realized that many of the same problems she dealt with in human practice were even worse in dogs and cats. Environmental toxins were not only ingested but absorbed through the foot pads and skin. Leaky-gut syndrome due to food allergies and a poorly supported (kibble has NO live enzymes) gut flora was contributing to auto-immune disorders. 50% of dogs eventually develop cancer and average lifespans were DECREASING. She is passionate about helping pet owners to optimize their animals health through nutrition.  

Fill Out a Consultation Request

In order for us to create for you the super valuable kind of specific, detailed information we're capable of delivering, we need to learn about your pet so you'll need to fill out a  "Nutritional Evaluation Request Form".  You can stop in and pick it  up, or call and request it be sent to you or even go to the top of our website on the right hand side and click the Nutrition Evaluation Form button. This will automatically download the form to you (which can be filled out online and emailed back to us). Once we have it, Carol will study it and then schedule you for a "Nutritional Evaluation Report of Findings".

Book A free Consultation

More About Our Animal Chiropractor

Dr. Mark D'Amato, DC, CAC

Graduated from National College of Chiropractic Medicine in 1983. Certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (in 1998) to provide chiropractic care to quadrupeds  (C.A.C.  - Certified Animal Chiropractor) in 1998.

Served on the Board of Veterinary Chiropractic Examiners for many years - delivering and evaluating the competency of DCs and DVMs to perform this work. 

Currently, treats large animals at Sarasota Equine Associates and elsewhere. Has worked in numerous veterinary offices in Sarasota Florida and around the country. including Rood and Riddle in Lexington Kentucky where he treated the 3 time World Champion 5 gaited horse named Grande Gil.  He was also hired by the South African Polo Team for the US Polo Open (South Africa won it that year). He works cooperatively with the local veterinary community in order to provide non-surgical rehabilitation of musculoskelatal conditions and injuries in large and small animals. 

AVCA Certified Animal Chropractor, Dr. Mark D'Amato,

AVCA Certified Animal Chropractor, Dr. Mark D'Amato,

Dog Training - Nicholas D'Amato

Marlin's K-9 Training Academy

If you would like to enjoy your dog to the fullest, you need a relationship built on mutual trust and understanding. A consistent language needs to be shared between you and your dog. Nico is an excellent communicator and will teach your dog and then you, a language that you can both understand. 

Few people have the education and even fewer have the time needed to devote the hours of gentle loving repetition needed for a dog to learn this language. Nicholas uses residential training to give a dog many short lessons in one day, each separated by short rest (processing) times, enabling your dog to link that language to the requested action it represents. In this manner an animal learns far more quickly than 1 private lesson. He is gentle and consistent and empathetic. His training academy progressively takes a puppy from their initial exposure to their second language and builds upon it in each successive program. Consistency throughout his programs enable dogs to trust him, step right back into the program and continue on from where they finished his last lessons with him. Their love for him is evident in his graduates. They know his language, he knows theirs and he'll teach and transfer that relationship to you. 

A Free Puppy Personality Evaluation is where Nicholas likes to begin. 

This is a professionally delivered test that breeders typically use in classifying puppies individual personalities. Armed with this information Nicholas  customizes his training program to the individual style best suited for your dog. It accelerates your puppy's learning ability. Upon completion you'll receive a written evaluation detailing the specific scores on several different personality traits.

Marlin's Group Puppy School is an inexpensive first step in creating a proper training foundation for you and your new companion. Usually taught in small groups (3-6), these 4 weekly  classes are fun and light-hearted. 

Marlin's K-9  Pre-School is an early development, 1 week residential program designed to build a structured foundation for owners with puppies who want to prevent bad habits from ever getting started. By carefully instilling proper and beneficial habits right from the start,  the need for the breaking of bad habits and negative behaviors can be almost eliminated.

Marlin's K-9 Prep-School is a 1 week Residential Program and where your young dog earns his K9 Good Citizen Certification. (Of course, you're always welcome to visit your dog whenever you choose). Many people like  returning from a vacation to reunite with their dog who now possess a new set of manners and  skills.  If you and your pup did the Group Puppy Program with Nicholas, they will fondly remember him and he'll serve as an acceptable surrogate. It works beautifully. Upon completion of Prep School you will receive a Completion Certificate called K9 Good Citizen (suitable for framing) which is an AKC recognized certification and has successfully been used to demonstrate the trustworthiness of an animal's behavior in  many condo, apartment and deed restricted environments.  

From here you and your companion can move on to 

Marlin's K-9 Finishing School. This is where your dog becomes one of those special dogs you occasionally see people walking around (usually off leash with) . The dog sticks to their owner like glue and seems to almost know without commands what the owner wants. It's a very special relationship of mutual trust and confidence and understanding that is a treasured rarity.

About Nicholas D'Amato

Nicholas Graduated with a Masters Certification  from the National K9 Learning Center in Ohio. An internationally recognized facility with graduates from all 50 states and over 45 foreign countries. Nick is a member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals),  The National K9 School for Dog Trainers Association and is an AKC certified CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Evaluator.  He is in full time practice and offers programs from basic obedience to service dog levels of canine education.  He has worked in the area for over a year, successfully training  over 100 dogs of all sizes, breeds, temperaments and behavioral problems, many of which were brought from other parts of the state. Now he has chosen a kennel to associate with here in Sarasota. His training  includes a lifetime guarantee and  free tuneup training whenever you board your dog at the kennel/property where he trains, right here in Sarasota, just off Bee Ridge Road. 

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Marlin's Current Programs and Rates

Group Puppy School

Group Puppy Classes are open to puppies age 12 to 24 weeks. Designed to make learning a pleasant experience. You'll learn as much watching others in your group as you will when it's your turn. A consistent set of foundational terms will be established and the most basic of  desired  behaviors established.  

Classes are limited to 6 and intentionally designed to maximize your puppy's exposure to different sizes, breeds and temperaments of different animals. Interaction, if at all, is carefully supervised and limited to all participants  comfort levels.

A program consists of 4 approximately 1 hour classes. Call as soon as you know you'd like to do a program and you'll be given a planned start date. 

Price: $60.00  ($15.00 per class)

K-9 Pre-School

 1 week residential program includes.

  • Housebreaking
  • Chewing Issues
  • Socialization - with other people and other dogs
  • Confidence Building - desensitization of sights and sounds
  • Basic Obedience (no, sit, come)
  • Contact Tolerance  - desensitization of contact of lips, toes, ears, tail etc.
  • Leash Walking (without pulling)
  • Manners (no jumping, no mouthing, no resource (food, toy, etc. guarding)
  • Crate Training
  • Feeding Time Manners

Price: $995.00 (plus boarding) 

K-9 Prep School

 This 1 week residential program is perfect for those with a busy schedule who own a dog of any age with minimal behavioral issues. Many people choose this program when they go on vacation, during which there would commonly be some separation from your dog anyway. Think of it like summer camp for your dog. You all reunite after a week with your dog possessing improved manners and a whole new skill set.  In addition to puppy pre-school skills, this program expands your dog's vocabulary and attention span and distraction tolerance to stay focused on you to have ON LEASH obedience skills that include.

  • Heel
  • Sit & Hold
  • Down
  • Come
  • Place (stay in location)
  • Off

Price: $1995.00  (plus boarding) 

K-9 Finishing School

 This 2 week residential program is designed for dog owners that want a lifetime companion animal. If you are involved in our Marlin's K-9 Continuing Education discounts will apply. Expanding the mutual levels of trust and understanding beyond the leash. K-9 Finishing School Graduates become proficient in OFF LEASH obedience communication skills, trust and confidence in each other. K-9 Finishing School enables you and your companion the freedom to go places and do things that few teams can ever experience together.

  • Off Leash Control of your Dog
  • Total Focus on Handler
  • Heel when you Walk and Sit when you Stop.
  • Sit and Stay
  • Down
  • Come 
  • Place  (Extended Time & Distance Stay
  • Some Additional Customized Commands

Price: $2495.00 (plus boarding) 

K-9 Service College

 The deepest relationship of trust and dependence and commitment is the Service Dog Level of Education. Often times, the very lives of the owners are put into the trust of their service animals.  Not all dogs are physically or mentally or emotionally created for this type of commitment, but if you think your dog is, they could serve no higher purpose.   These are customized special skill-sets relying on the same basic language but expanded 10 fold!  K-9 Finishing School  levels of certification are required for consideration into this program which is customarily 2 -12 months and ranges in cost dependent on skill set required from $5000.00 to $35,000.

Price: Dependent of Skill Set rquired

Private Lessons

Of Course, private lessons are always available for people and their dog.

Individual private lessons are by the hour and can be customized to specific problems you and your dog are having.


Many, subtle things that have a cumulative effect go on during a lesson, (not the least of which is consistency) such as but not limited to hand signals, voice inflection,  timed response, etc. 

It is not uncommon for a professional handler like Nicholas to show incredibly  rapid improvements, even within the hour lesson time, only to have the gains not seem to be kept. This is because extremely consistent repetition is the missing ingredient and another reason why he suggests his residential programs. Seemingly inconsequential differences in auditory, visual and kinesthetic cues during your later practice sessions, can be confusing to a dog and can produce frustration and diminished results. If you choose Nicholas's private lesson approach we suggest 1 handler with attention to detail.

Price: $100.00/Hr.

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