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Our Fresh Frozen Raw Whole Prey Pet Food is Superfood!

Our Foods Are Better

Each part of prey animal is made of different nutrients. Far more than muscle meat alone, we combine ground bone, organs and muscle in exacting proportions enabling your animal to take in nutrients in the natural way that their bodies were designed to ingest them. We strive for our choices to be preservative free, hormone free, antibiotic free, grass fed, grass finished, and free range. In fact, Marlin's brand and most of the other brands we offer are human grade consumable and purchased at the same wholesaler  as your grocer and restaurateur.  

Worry Free for You Because Our Foods Are Safe for Your Pet

 With flash freezing at subzero temperatures, we protect the natural live enzymes found in fresh food that are so essential to your animal's intestinal flora while eliminating any possibility of parasites. Furthermore, in order for us to even consider a product it must be  U.S sourced and USDA inspected. After all, it's what we feed our animals too!  

Imagine feeding your Children Breakfast Cereal Twice a Day for Their Whole Life

From the very beginning, high carbohydrate dog cereal (called kibble) is a problem for your dog. The fact is that over 80% of kibble fed dogs show signs of periodontal disease by the end of their first year of life. Dogs don't even have the salivary enzyme needed to digest carbohydrates so it cakes up between their teeth, begins to putrefy, causing the gums to swell and periodontal disease to follow.  Kibble is the equivalent of fast food for your pet. It's  convenient for you and cheap to produce but it isn't even close to as good for your dog or cat as our fresh frozen raw food.

We Do The Shopping For You

With backgrounds in microbiology, organic chemistry and dietary science, we go shopping for the finest producers of fresh frozen raw whole prey pet foods. We aren't easily fooled with academic snow jobs, or tricky marketing terms. We ask the producers tough  questions about their foods that they frequently have to go look up and we often require independent lab results for verification of their claims. This allows you (and often times your veterinarian too)  to feel more confident about the products we feel proud to offer to you to feed your fur children.

Bone Broths and Fermented Stocks

OFFERING MUCH MORE THAN JUST MEAT Current literature is revealing that the flora in our intestines is responsible for as much as 80% of our immunity. Dogs and cats maybe even more than that. 

We offer Raw Goat's Milk,  Beef Bone Broth, Fermented Turkey and Fish Stocks and other such products that are loaded with with pre- and pro-biotics that we use to help rebuild the strength of the gut biome. Antibiotic therapy (we recognize as sometimes necessary) indiscriminately wipes out the good bacteria as well as the pathological ones. So rebuilding the proper gut flora is an essential part of your animal's immunity and of critical importance in their overall health.

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