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Carol Marie D'Amato

Carol has been passionate about nutrition since she was a little girl.  Born and raised in Miami Florida.  Carol chose to study Dietary Science at Michigan State University where she earned her baccalaureate degree in  clinical nutrition. She practiced with her husband, Dr Mark D'Amato until they had and raised two boys into men. 

As she examined the nutritional requirements for their newest puppy, Marlin, Carol was overwhelmed by the challenges a pet parent was faced with when attempting to choose a high quality diet for dogs and cats. She realized that many of the same problems she dealt with in human practice were even worse in dogs and cats. Environmental toxins were not only ingested but absorbed through the foot pads and skin. Leaky-gut syndrome due to food allergies and a poorly supported (kibble has NO live enzymes) gut flora was contributing to auto-immune disorders. 50% of dogs eventually develop cancer and average lifespans were DECREASING. She is passionate about helping pet owners to optimize their animals health through nutrition. 

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In order for us to create for you the super valuable kind of specific, detailed information we're capable of delivering, we need to learn about your pet so you'll need to fill out a  "Nutritional Evaluation Request Form".  You can stop in and pick it up, or call and request it be sent to you or even go to the top of our website on the right-hand side and click the Nutrition Evaluation Form button. This will automatically take you to the form which can be filled out online and submitted. It will be sent to us and once we have it, Carol will study it and then schedule you for a "Nutritional Evaluation Report of Findings".

Nutritional Evaluation Request Form

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