More About Our Superfoods

Raw Meaty Bones and Healthy Protein Treats

 We offer a Fantastic Assortment of Raw Meaty Bones (RMBs) that not only satisfy the need to chew (enhancing digestion and promoting periodontal health) but are so meaty that they serve as an excellent periodic meal replacement. 

Beef Knuckle Bones,  Beef Marrow Bones,  Lamb (4 inch) Trotter Bones, Duck Necks, Turkey Necks, Chicken Necks and more. Come in to see our current assortment as we always offer the finest values in the marketplace.

As for Treats, they are one of the biggest problems for dogs because in addition to frequently containing bad things they are mostly carbohydrate. They are like you snacking on donuts and cookies and candy as opposed to fruit and nuts.

Now these may not appetizing to you but to your dog they not only smell and taste delicious but are healthy for them. 

We offer freeze dried, tripe, lamb lung, beef lung, chicken feet, duck feet, pigs snouts, pigs ears, turkey necks, chicken necks, bully sticks and more. Come in to see our current selections and we usually have one on special too.

Marlin's Endurance Blend and Our Other Meats

This is Our #1 Top Seller because it's an incredibly great quality (grass fed, grass finished)  with green tripe and vitamins and minerals added for an unbeatable price.

It's harder than you'd think to create a blend of healthy food that is delicious but DOG'S LOVE MARLIN'S ENDURANCE BLEND!

Some of our mixes come with the vitamins added derived from vegetables but some dogs are allergic to those vegetables to we offer synthetic blend vitamins to some mixes to avoid vegetable allergies.  These are preferred by some of our Scent Working Dogs since the allergies clog their noses and decrease their ability to follow a scent. 

We also carry Bison, Chicken, Duck, Emu, Goat, Lamb, Pheasant, Pollack, Pork, Rabbit, Sardine, Turkey, and Venison with Quail coming (if it passes all our testing.)

Why So Many Meats and Blends

We offer all these different proteins for a number of reasons, not the least of which is TASTE. Yes, we understand, your dog and cat have Taste Buds that are unique to them. While one animal might LOATHE pork, it might just be heaven to another, so we help you find tastes that your pet LOVES.  Veterinarians send lab tests (with their referral) of foods that the animal we're helping is allergic to. It is then our lead dietitian's job to build a food that is not only complete and balanced but delicious to your pet. Furthermore, we do everything we can to make your animal's carnivorous lifestyle approximate nature so we suggest rotating proteins seasonally. This prevents your animal from developing an allergy to a meat overfed,  alters the micro-nutrient makeup (thus fulfilling a wider compliment of vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients), keeps your pet excited about "today's catch"  and is more natural as they wouldn't only feed on one prey exclusively. As seasons change, so does the availability of prey, maybe rabbits in the spring (when they are plentiful), turkey in the fall and a higher fatted prey in winter - Naturally!

Organ Meats

In some cultures the attributes of a great animal could be possessed if the warrior were to consume the organ of that animal. Fables recounting The "Heart of a Lion"  and the  "Eyes of an  Eagle" seem too primal to us today but are rooted in the fact that many times the organ meats contain many of the unique building block nutrients needed to supplement a particular animal's organ needs.  We carry certain organ meats for their special nutritive values, for example the trachea of cows is about the finest, most natural way to supplement especially older animals with Glucosamine Sulfate (a frequently used supplement for arthritis) because the trachea is loaded with it!  Stop in and see what organ meats we have available this month.

Vitamins and Supplements and Natural Remedies Oh My . . . 

Natural remedies for Fleas ans Ticks.

Natural Skin Soothing Products that aren't toxic and won't poison your pet and natural products that help them avoid or improve their teeth and gums are just some of the products that we hand pick and offer at Marlin's Market.

By law, some of our supplements are behind the counter and must be recommended to be obtained but we carry many vitamins designed for dogs and cats designed to assist, nutritionally aid  and optimize the function of different organs, glands and systems.  For example - reproductive system supplements - for breeders to increase litter numbers and kitten and pup survival rates,  Makes Marlin's Market the Go To Place for Natural Optimum Health. Come in and see what we have to offer.

Specials Each Month

Each month we offer seasonal specials that we hope will enable you to embrace the natural lifestyle for your pet. 

In order to get the specials, just sign up on our email list and if your valid email is on the list when you come in - you can get the deal!

Come visit our pet supply store in Sarasota, FL specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.