Here is a picture of Marlin's teeth. We promote raw food feeding in part because almost 80% of dogs and cats start to show signs of periodontal disease before they are a year old. This is because the dry foods are typically loaded with carbohydrate. Dogs and cats lack the necessary salivary enzymes to digest these carbs, so food that gets stuck between their teeth and gums shortly thereafter begins to putrefy (rot), creating gum line irritations and setting the stage for periodontal bacterial infections which work there way under the gums and set up house.

Since dogs and cats are carnivores, their saliva contains the enzymes to digest the protein particles that get stuck between their teeth and viola teeth stay clean. Raw Meaty Bones (RMB's) help push those up along the gum line. We have a super selection to choose from. Lots of choices means we'll get you the right bone for the size dog that you have.

Feed Raw Food for clean teeth healthy gums and fresh breath!